My Courses

I teach film and media studies at all levels at Wayne State, from general education to doctoral seminars. My courses have tended to fall into three categories: general education courses for undergraduates; curricular requirements of various kinds, which typically involve “theory” in the title; and electives for English majors and graduate students in media theory and media studies. You see all the courses, and the syllabi I have used to teach them, in my teaching archive.

This semester, Fall 2015, I am teaching a section of gen-ed intro to film and an upper-division course for English majors under our Topics in New Media number, called “Feeling Networked / Networked Feeling.”

Teaching Resources

I teach at an institution without a great many resources. And digital humanities practices often require resources. At better-funded institutions, teachers and researchers may have much more support than is available to folks like me. That said, there are a great many free resources on the open web. These often require a fair amount of technical wherewithal to use.

I have a background in programming, web development, web design, and server administration, and one of my most important aspirations with kredati.org is to help other teachers, as well as students, in resource-constrained situations by sharing a few different sorts of things: (1) concrete resources for humanities-computing instruction (i.e. source code, how-tos, etc.); (2) lesson plans and assignments for teaching students how to code in various ways; and (3) pointers to free resources that can serve as platforms for learning in the absence of available on-campus computing resources. Most of this isn’t live yet, but will come up as I produce these sources for the web in the wake of my Winter 2015 Experimental Media course (which used Twine as a medium for final projects), in the course of my Fall 2015 Feeling Networked / Networked Feeling course, and as I prepare my Winter 2016 Media Theory/Media Practice course (which I am envisioning as a graduate level introduction to digital humanities combined with a strong preparation in media theory).

At current, I am blogging about getting the hell away from Blackboard in my Feeling Networked class. From Experimental Media, at current I can offer only these: a Game Design Workshop and a how-to for img Tags and “Embedding” Media in Twine.