SLSA 2015!

I’m very excited to be giving two (2!) talks at SLSA this year. One of them, “Proprioception, Or Internal Resonance,” on Gilbert Simondon and James J. Gibson, still has some moving parts (see: giving two papers; now posted!). I’ll be delivering that one tomorrow at 11am as part of the “Biopolitics of Sensation” stream, put together by Mark Patterson and my friend David Parisi.

The other, “The Distribution of the Habitual,” on what I’m calling “saturated aesthetics” and gaming, is part of the “Infrastructure After Intelligibility” panel on Sunday at 11am, with talks from Jim Hodge, Brooke Belisle, and Jeff Scheible.

I am also (also!) responding to the third of three object-oriented feminisms panels (OOF)—and I couldn’t be more delighted to be involved. OOF has been one of the most vibrant parts of SLSA every year.

I’ll probably tweet desultorily as @bazintastic under #slsa15. See you in Houston!

UPDATE, 11/18/15: I’ve added a link to “Proprioception, or Internal Resonance.”