WEB BUDDHA MACHINE and CardboardQuest

We at kredati.org get easily distracted by “more pressing matters”—committee meetings, tenure and promotion dossiers, and so on—and therefore the best things in life often occur on timelines that are slower than we’d like.

I am very proud, indeed kvelling, to present some really exemplary student work from last semester’s Experimental Media class. Here are two Twine games students made that I just adore:

WEB BUDDHA MACHINE, by Mike Holloway. This piece is inspired by Nam June Paik’s Television Buddha, but reinterpreted for the contemporary internet. It almost plays itself, but it does require some light interaction from the player. It also connects virtual and physical space in strange, wonderful ways. I recommend following its instructions with as much loud, laughing dedication as you can muster. It also works well in groups.

CardboardQuest, by Jake Nickell. Jake’s game works as a critique of gamification, and it does so by refracting a few different aesthetic questions, including Andy Warhol’s aesthetics of wasted labor and the sort of endurance and repetition of something like Bruce Nauman’s Walking in an Exaggerated Manner Around the Perimeter of a Square.

I have brilliant students.

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