Networked Boredom: On the Desire for Connection

This evening, at 5pm at UC Berkeley, I will be delivering a lecture entitled “Networked Boredom: On the Desire for Connection.” It’s the last chapter of my second book (still very much in progress), and is about Grindr and boredom and impersonality and relationality and sex and technology. It’ll be great good fun! The text (give or take) is below the fold.

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Ditching Blackboard, Hacking WordPress

One of the more time-consuming experiments I have recently made in my teaching was to get rid of Blackboard.

I hate Blackboard. It is the absolute fucking worst. It’s broken in nearly all of the ways, including but not limited to: it has absolutely terrible interface design (if design we can indeed call it); I don’t know how much it costs, but it has to be way too expensive for its quality; and it’s always a walled garden. Continue reading Ditching Blackboard, Hacking WordPress

Welcome to the kredatiblog, or whatever it’s called.

Unsurprisingly, I’m starting posting from the middle of things. I’ll be posting about matters professional and pedagogical here. I’m currently also blogging about new media and affect as part of my Fall 2015 Feeling Networked/Networked Feeling course.

Here I’ll post research-in-progress thoughts, talks I give, notice of talks I give, details of my various technological practices, and so on.

And so, it begins, starting posting from the middle of things!