Current and Future Courses

I teach film and media studies courses at all levels, from gen-ed to doctoral seminars, in the Department of English at Wayne State University. In the waning semester, Winter 2015, I am teaching Intro to Visual Culture at the general education level, and under our Topcis in Media and Modern Culture number, I am teaching a course called Experimental Media. In Fall 2015, I am teaching a section of Intro to Film and a Topics in New Media course, entitled Feeling Networked/Networked Feeling. Here are my current and future classes.

Teaching Resources

I teach at an institution without a great many resources that are freely available to teachers in the “digital humanities” and related fields. One of my most important aspirations with is to help other teachers, as well as students, in resource-constrained situations by sharing a few different sorts of things: (1) concrete resources for humanities-computing instruction (i.e. source code, how-tos, etc.); (2) lesson plans and assignments for teaching students how to code in various ways; and (3) pointers to free resources that can serve as platforms for learning in the absence of available on-campus computing resources. Most of this isn't live yet, but will come up as I produce these sources for the web in the wake of my Winter 2015 Experimental Media class (which used Twine as a medium for final projects) and my Winter 2016 Media Theory/Media Practice class (which will be a graduate level introduction to humanities computing combined with a strong preparation in media theory).

For now, I offer only these: Game Design Workshop and img Tags and “Embedding” Media in Twine.